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姓名:Dr. John G. Hildebrand  

专业: Neuroscience


职称: 教授

工作单位:Department of Neuroscience The University of Arizona


Regents Professor and Professor of Neuroscience, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, Entomology, and Molecular & Cellular Biology

Department Head


Selected Recent Publications:
Lei H, Riffell JA, Gage SL, Hildebrand JG. Feb 2009. Contrast enhancement of stimulus intermittency in a primary olfactory network and its behavioral significance. J Biol, 8:21

Riffell JA, Lei H, Christensen TA, Hildebrand JG. Feb 2009. Characterization and Coding of Behaviorally Significant Odor Mixtures. Curr Biol,2009 Feb 18;

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